Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweet and Sour Turkey Thighs

This flavor profile appealed to me because I wanted to experiment with using cinnamon in a savory dish.  I must admit, I found the recipe in the package of thighs but the process they used was intuitively wrong to me. With the exception of baking, I don't measure so just deal with that.

2 Humongous Turkey Thighs
cider vinegar
cloves (i didn't have any so I used some nutmeg)
vegetable oil
1/2 large white onion chopped
curry powder (my idea)
garlic powder (my idea.  fresh garlic woulda been better but I didn't have any)

Season turkey with salt, cinnamon (not too much), garlic powder, pinch of nutmeg, and curry powder.
Coat in flour.  Heat vegetable oil in pot.  Add turkey and brown on both sides. Remove and add onions to pot and let them sweat it out.  Add more cinnamon and garlic powder and saute some more until it smells like heaven in your kitchen. Add ketchup, honey and cider vinegar and stir.  Add turkey back into pot and coat both sides with the mixture. Once coated, leave skin side up and then add enough water until it just almost covers the top.
Bring to a boil and then cover and turn down the heat to simmer.
In about an hour and 1/2 later, the turkey should be falling off the bone.  Take the top off and simmer some more to reduce the sauce.
OMG.  This is so YUMMY!
I'll either serve it with stuffing or mashed potatoes but I sure wish I had some couscous in the cabinet..DARN!

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