Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hip Hop Horns - Ezra Brown and Blitz the Ambassador

The music below doesn't need much of an intro...

These tracks feature the combined talents of two artist; Blitz the Ambassador and Ezra Brown.  The latter, I've known for a few years; ever since first seeing him play at a basement club in the Village frequented by many great indie artists I know.  The former, I had never heard of until last Friday when I attended the launch party for Hycide Magazine. I made an introduction between my godsister Yaba and a fellow Ghanian (of hers; not mine...scratch that...who knows) I had met at the party.  Yaba asked the cat if he was going to see Blitz the Ambassador.  In my head, I was like: "Who the hell is that?", but I didn't want to show my ignorance around a stranger and had meant to ask her about Blitz later and totally forgot (one red wine and two mixed drinks later).  However the beauty of the "interweb" freed my mind once again and thanks to my varied social networking outlets, I discovered a connection between a talented friend and my new amazing musical crush.


Dying to Live feat. John Forte ( Blitz the Amassador ) by eZrabrown

Dear Africa (Featuring Les Nubians) - Blitz the Ambassador by eZrabrown

Instrumentalude - Blitz the Ambassador by eZrabrown