Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Love Letter to Trader Joe's - Part 1

When we first met I made the first move. It was spontaneous my part. I had heard so much about you, and finally decided to check you out. Boy wasn't that the start of something new and beautiful.
I had no idea how to use you at first, but by the second round, I started to get a handle on what you could do for me.
There are times when I have nothing left and I look to you to fill me up again.
I know I hafta share you with other women (yes and quite often men too), but I don't mind; just as long as you have what I need when we finally do meet again.
But the other day, I came to you late and you didn't satisfy me. You were almost completely spent. I'll never make that mistake again.
It took me awhile before introducing you to my kids. They only knew of you in passing and very informally. I don't think they understood how I felt until more recently when they too began to reap the benefits of our relationship.
This past Sunday, I wanted them to see how far I would go to see you. We drove for miles and miles and finally made it. They, of course, proved to be selfish as teens sometimes can be, by taking advantage of you behind my back. I had to pay for that later...didn't I.