Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dream Catchers

I take dreams seriously...

A few weeks ago, I had a very uneventful dream that involved me sitting in a room with someone I don't believe I knew.  This person gets up to walk out of the room.  I'm pretty sure they had every intention of returning because they went to answer a phone, or help someone in the kitchen.  Whatever.  I have no idea.  I just knew they were coming back.

But then I woke up.

I immediately felt remorseful.  Not because, I thought the dream was going to get better, but because I believed that when the person returned to the room and found me gone, they would either wonder where I went, or think I vanished into thin air.  Of course neither are true was a dream right?  The characters in dreams don't exist once we're awake...or do they?  My mind is open to the prospect even though (in my mind) there is only one valid (and sane) hole in this hypothesis...

What if the dream characters are actual people you know in "real life"?  How can they live in two places/plains (or potentially a very large number of places depending on how many other people are dreaming about said characters) at the same time?  

I know, I know, what you're thinking...This chick is on to something! Right?

So, I've spent a ton of time (not really) trying to come up with  answers to help me solve this riddle.  How can a dream character exist in real life and in my dream at the same time if said dreams are real too?  The first step is in agreeing that dream characters who are strangers to us are actual people who live somewhere in the world (unless they're dead of course.  Hey, if they were dead, that would make solving this so much easier, but I digress).  So yeah, once we're all in agreement (looks around the room for the non-believers)...

The answer I came up with has less to do with alternate universes and doppelgangers (both terms that are used so frequently now but were frowned upon long ago by the way) than it has to do with the potential expansiveness of our mind and imagination.  This is going to sound crazy (*side eye*), but what if our dreams were actually our mind's way of transporting us to various places along the space time continuum?  Who's to say that our so-called unused portion of our brain, is not being used to shift us from one plain to another to interact with people we've never met, and visit places we've never been.

This is as far as I can allow myself to go.  The fact that this has been gnawing at me for weeks is proof to me that there is probably some validity to my theory (because that's how the overly intoxicated spirits work) but the next stage would involve some sort of research...zzzzz.  I'll stick with my good ole fantasy of how dreams work and leave it to the physicists (or psychotherapists I'm sure some of you are thinking) to figure out the rest.

Love ya.  Don't change.