Sunday, December 28, 2014

All in a Day's Work - Chapter 2

Today was Reconnaissance Day; a day for Jane and I to gather intelligence on our upcoming new frontier as retailers...the flea market.

Our Mission...
Determine the following parameters for our next event...
  • long does it take to get to Williamsburg Brooklyn from Montclair NJ
  • Landscape...observe foot traffic
  • Design parameters...survey the layout constraints of booth
  • Competition...conduct an informal assessment and competitive analysis

Today we visited Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg Brooklyn (pictured here).

I'm often embarrassed by my total ignorance of Williamsburg. I'm a born and raised, die-hard, Brooklynite dammit but once I cross that Willie B bridge, I'm completely and utterly lost. How did we survive before GPS? Doesn't matter. Nigel (my iPhone navigator) led us there safe and sound without a hitch. Great day for a dry run although I'm still a bit nervous about the actual day. Jane knows. I'll want to leave NJ three hours ahead for a 50 minute trip. You can never be too careful ya know.

So we enter and I gotta tell ya...butterflies. Right off the bat. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it was the hum of active commerce. Maybe it was the eclectic decor which spoke to our kindred aesthetic. I'd like to think it was complete expectancy; the super anticipatory feeling to get in the game with the other vendors who seemed to fit together like a family somehow.

We were immediately drawn to the very first vendor left of the entrance called The Spooky Boutique. We loved his collection right away. Of course Jane tried on a few pieces. Everything looks great on her even if it doesn't fit (see pic below).

The owner Ricky was a sweetheart. Unfortunately this was one of his last days with A&F. He tells us that after 20+ years in the vintage business and 10 years with Artists and Fleas, that he would be closing up shop and heading to Wisconsin. That's a shame. I was really looking forward to making him my new friend. I could tell he has stories to tell.

Thanks to our surveillance, Jane now has what she needs to conceptualize our limited 6'x6' booth. It's gonna be tough but knowing her, it's gonna be great and inspired (no pressure girl).

And as far as fact finding missions go, I'd say this was a success. We spoke to a few vendors, everyone seemed friendly and we even walked away with a few goodies.

Mission accomplished! We completed all of our objectives. Not a bad day at the "office".

All in a Day's Work

Come on out to BK and visit us at Artists and Fleas on January 10th and 17th from 10am to 7pm. 

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