Saturday, June 4, 2011

Arts and Music Night Part 2 - Cole Williams at Rockwood Music Hall

After the Hycide Magazine Launch party, I had some time to network at a local restaurant with some of the folks from the event, but time somehow got away from me and I had only an hour to get from Newark to the Lower East Side to check out my friend Cole Williams and her band (That's My Cole) at Rockwood Music Hall.  Three trains and one crazy cab ride later, I was able to catch the last half of Cole's jam-packed set.

I gotta tell yall, I've been having the darndest (yes I use this word) time trying to classify Cole's sound.  When I have a hard time pigeon holing an artist, I usually say, "If so-and-so and so-and-so were to have a baby...", but I can't even do this when I try to explain Cole's music.  She would probably like the fact that I can't describe her or her music.  I can say however, that she has that "soulful" quality to her voice that makes you sit up and listen. And if I was forced at gunpoint to describe her style, then I would say, it was an incredible mix of reggae, funk, ska and soul (sorry gurl lol).

What I loved about this crowd at Rockwood's was that it wasn't the usual cadre of fellow musicians and diehard friends who follow the artist from gig to gig.  Instead, this energetic and supportive audience was comprised of new fans who were thoroughly enthralled with Cole, her voice and of course her amazingly crafted outfit for the evening.

Keep your eyes and ears open people. Cole's new EP is soon to be released (hopefully this month) and I can't wait!  I've heard some of the tracks, still in production and what I am hearing is pure creativity, heart & soul.  Here's a sneak peek track from this upcoming sophomore project Out of the Basement, called Good Thing.

For more information on Cole, click here. And make sure you check out her upcoming tour dates!

Arts and Music Night - Part 1 Hycide Magazine Launch Party

I love, love, love hangin' out. And what do I love more than hangin' out??? Hangin' out on a BUDGET!

Summer is here and I started off my usual marathon string of social activities in Newark at an awesome launch party for Hycide Magazine.  The crowd was cool, eclectic and fun.  I was refreshingly impressed with Akintola Hanif; his gift, his energy and his spirit.  The room was filled with love.  Take a look at the video highlights from the event.