Thursday, October 1, 2009

New "Nerdy" Headphones on their way...

I don't do earbuds and here's why...

Everything sounds like it was recorded in a tin can
Every time I chew gum they pop out
I refuse to share them with others in fear of earwax exchange issues
I can still hear the people talking
They stop working after 1 month

I became a convert to these that are now, as you can see, totally worn out down to the bone (or cord):

The features:
Reduce the level of noise around you with these noise-canceling headphones. They reduce ambient noise by 87.4%.  The included adapter is compatible with in-flight sound systems for more enjoyable air travel.
The Price
Only $47.50
The alternative:
Monster - Beats by Dr Dre - I aint spendin $300 on headphones.

In Memoriam...Headphones...You did your thang; blocking out all the noise. Giving me all the sound that $50 can buy AND allowing me to share with others.  Sure you didn't fit under my winter hats and you did mess up my hair on those fabulocity days, but you were worth it...I will always love you...

Just got my email shipping notification from BestBuy that these new babies below are on their way...CAN"T WAIT!
Same great sound. Updated sleeker look.  Will I still look like a nerd?  Probably.  But will all the sounds I love to hear be heard?  Ya damn skippy they will...

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