Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inside My Love - Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future

In 1975 Minnie sang that crazy note like she always managed to do.  Even at the tender age of eight, in my mind, I figured she must have been part of some strange vocal tribe.   Like so many songs during that time, the lyrics were risque and yet my parents somehow allowed and tolerated my at-the-top-of-my-lungs rendition of this song along with In the Bush (Musique), and Mary Jane (Rick James). I had no idea what I was singing about, but I knew it made the grown-ups uncomfortable and that was a great added benefit anyway.

Fast forward 22 years and KABOOOOM!!! One of the best Black love story flicks in the WORLD premiered; Love JonesNot only did it include the most memorable storyline and cast BUT THE SOUNDTRACK!!! WOW! Inside My Love re-emerges again, this time sung by Trina Broussard and again, you are drawn in and hold your breath in anticipation of "that note".  Trina delivered.  Had a chance to see her perform it live a couple of years ago and even though she was suffering from a terrible cold, she rocked it and I added her to the tribe.

Speaking of live...I have a strong passion for live music and I am blessed to count among my acquaintances, some of the most amazing independent recording artists in the country.  I usually meet these folks after seeing them perform, but I had the rare experience of meeting Gloria Ry'ann before hearing a note out of her mouth.  We always seem to run into one another at a local club here and there and we'd rabble rouse with the rest of the crew.  I've had plenty tell me that they are singers and I immediately give them back that plastered Stepford Wives grin.  Meeting Gloria was no different (sorry Glo LOL).  Eventually I did hear her sing live at an open mic, of all places, and what did Miss Gloria sing??? Right!

Maybe I'm not making myself clear...In my opinion, how a woman sings THIS SONG live tells me exactly what kind of vocalist they are.  It is the Mt Everest of soul songs and Gloria made it to the apex without losing one bit of oxygen.  Miss gurl has recorded her version and it is lovely.  Take a listen below and let her know what you think! (Listen for "the note"!)


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