Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why every single day is Mother's Day.

I think of my Mother every single day. She died 18 years ago from pancreatic and liver cancer. I was 24 years old. She gave birth to me when she was about 45 years old and I was the last of six children; 11 years between me and her fifth. She was born Emma Middleton and she grew up on a small island off of Charleston, SC. When she came to New York City as a young woman, she changed her name to Emily and eventually she met my father and shortly after, they were married.
I have never been told about her hard life and she didn't reminisce about it, unless you lived it right along with her. Why dwell right?
She lost a young child in a tragic event and she endured...let's just say, indiscretions. And yet, the woman I knew, was the strongest person I have ever known...period. We didn't have heart to heart conversations about men, or sex, or smoking, or drugs, but she did teach me the importance of prayer and the ability of a mother's touch to heal.
Everything that I am; I am because of her. Cliche? Maybe, but true nonetheless.
Her spirit lives with me and my children and her legacy will live with her line forever.
Happy Mother's Day Emma Middleton ibae

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