Monday, October 26, 2009

Giveaway: Living Colour @ Highline Ballroom

A recent Glide Magazine contest sparked this answer from me to the question of "What's your favorite Living Colour song?"
Giveaway: Living Colour @ Highline Ballroom

Would it be cliche of me to say that my favorite track is Cult of Personality? This song is timeless and to me is a reaction to the media’s ever present impact on the way we view leaders of this world. It also speaks to the fact that we are all candidates as well as participants in the phenomenon.
I love them (Living Colour) and believe it or not they came right after Queen as my introduction to rock. A Black girl from the projects doesn’t win any popularity contests listening to this stuff ya know!

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Otto's Jacquette said...

I like Elvis is Dead and their cover of Talking a Lot But Not Sayking Anything (James Brown)