Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tillman's Response to TheKatalist Blog

Hello My Peeps,
Original Post

First, I'd like to thank all of you who supported by last blog entry. The blog along with your comments and letters to the owner obviously struck a nerve.
When I crafted the original blog, I sincerely meant it when I wrote that I didn't desire an apology. And true to form, the owner's response to the copy I sent him, is anything but one.
I've included the link to the original blog above.
Below is his response. It's too early in the game for me to respond, but I thought I'd use your feedback as fuel...

I just received this email. And I would like the opportunity to ask you a few questions. Hopefully you will have the courage to post these questions and your responses
1) Can you please define racism ?
2) How does racism manifest itself?
3)have you been to Tillman’s
4) if the answer is yes can you answer the following questions with percentage points and race-what is the demographic make up of Tillman’s Management-what is the demographic make up of Tillman’s clientele
5) what is the demographic make up of Manhattan ( the latest census could help you with that) I pose you these questions because in order for me to even address your allegations, I have to assess your mental acuity as well as enlightenment. Unfortunately, the internet offers both enlightened and ignorant people an equal platform. So you’re free to write and make whatever ignorant statements you want without ever having to publicly defend them against a more intelligent and enlightened person. Racism is one of our nations most pervasive problems. It must be fought at every level. This fight can not be undermined by a frivolous use of such a emotional word.
To accuse an establishment that
a) Is owned by a black person
b) An establishment that pays homage and celebrates Harlem, jazz music, soul, afro-Cuban, under ground hip hop etc..
c) Whose management team is predominantly black
d) Whose clientele is overwhelmingly black Is just plain laughably stupid.

The fact that your conclusion that you were denied entry is solely because of race is more a reflection of your ignorance and inability to think beyond the stale and tired “poor me” mindset that enslaves our black community. If “racism” were the answer…how do you explain the fact that an overwhelming majority of the clientele and staff is black? Please answer that. I wasn’t there that night. So I can not say for sure why you were denied entry. Maybe it was due to stupidity of the doorman…that’s possible and if that was it I sincerely apologize. Or perhaps my doorman assumed from your approach to the door that you’re an unenlightened ignorant person and from the tone of your email it appears he was correct. There could be a million stupid reasons or good reasons that he didn’t let you in and as I said before I can say because I wasn’t there. But there is no doubt racism wasn’t it. It makes no sense that an establishment whose clientele is predominantly black and also predominantly female, I might add, and is empty as you claim would not let three, as you said good looking women in. Maybe ignorant or easily conned people will buy your reasoning. But anyone who’s been to Tillman’s as well as savvy New Yorkers will draw their own conclusions….I’ll bet anything racism won’t be it… I doubt you’ll have the courage to post this. But in the future..realize that anonymity is for cowards. I stand behind my statements and while my establishment isn’t perfect I’m quite proud of how it celebrates Black America and it’s history like no other place in Manhattan.
Lesly Bernard


Anonymous said...

Narcissist writing an infantile letter challenging you when in fact he should take responsibility and train his staff. It would behoove him if he read the real reviews and take a cue.
I am sure he thought you would never publish it.
This continuation of letter exchanges will deteriorate on his end. It will be amusing for your readers, but it will get nasty. I would take his letter and rip it apart, because he never really addressed the issue. He insulted you, your physical attributes and intelligence.

By the way, do you know the Bell family or the Cousens family?

Anonymous said...

It looks like he deleted your review on Citysearch

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know, Mr Jones, as Lesly Bernard restaurant has closed ........ awwwwwwwwwwwwww poor mr Bernard http://eater.com/archives/2009/06/the_shutter_pr_darling_mr_jones_doneski_after_less_than_8_months.php


Anonymous said...

this is VERY interesting!!!!!!