Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Skeptic's Guide to Love and the Art of Matchmaking

I'm a skeptic who believes in love; at least the theory of love when the planets are in proper alignment, when we're entering the age of Aquarius, when two people truly don't care what other people think, AND when I; The Katalist have a hand in making the introductions...but not until all of these things are in place, do I believe in love.

I've made my fair share of matches; the business and personal sort. Most recently, I had the pleasure of making a match between two of the most unlikely people anyone else would have guessed would have hit it off. Strangely enough, even I didn't see the match. I had a guy friend who was getting over a heartbreak and I was really trying hard NOT to match him with someone else because he just seemed too fragile. Then one day, I met a really quiet young lady who would stop into the club I frequented. She would usually just stand on the sidelines, or sit alone with her violin case waiting to be called on stage and one day I think I finally decided to interact with her. Again, she was really quiet but in our brief conversations, I could tell she was really smart. And I think I should mention that this chick had no problems in attracting men. Guys I had never even seen in this place before, were slithering over to honeychile all night.

Now, I guess I should mention that I had taken a break from the whole matchmaking game because some of the women I would attempt to match just didn't know a good man if one had a sign from God handwritten on his forehead, so I became disillusioned with the sistah gurls in my life. I actually don't blame some of them, but loneliness is a hard pill to swallow...frankly when alone. Sorry, I digress...so let's just leave it as, I quit the matchmaking game...Why? It made me too angry.

BUT, on one of these days down in the dark basement club, a lighted path began to shine from one side of the room to other. This beam (as seen only by me) connected this young lady to my homeboy and in a second I knew what I had to do. Again, I don't have the foggiest clue as to whether this match made sense or not. In fact this was the first time I ever matched two people without calculation. All I figured they had in common was music; he being a drummer and her a violinist. That's all I had!

So after the night was over and the ugly lights came up, I walked this serious minded young sister over to my jovial, silly yet goodhearted homie. The introduction went something like this:

TheKatalist: Hey Biscuit
Biscuit (laughing hysterically with some other dudes): HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA
TheKatalist: Hey Bis (now tapping him on the arm)
Biscuit (apparently comfortable with ignoring me): HAHAHAHAHAHHHHHAAAAAHHHHH
TheKatalist: GODDAMMIT BISCUIT!!!!!!
Biscuit (snapping out of it...although I shortened this exchange of me trying to get his attention by like 5 attempts): AHHH (still teary eyed from whatever stupid joke they were laughing at...BOYS) hey wassup Kat?
TheKatalist: I'd like for you to meet Charisa....

I'd like to stop here. By now, I figured homeboy had blown it. I mean good gracious! If I was standing there waiting to be introduced to this fool, I woulda walked away by now; laughing like he was in need of medication. But I turned around and Charisa was still standing there. Gotta give the girl her props...So the introductions were made and I made my exit while acting out some very indiscreet sign language to the remaining cast of amateur comedians, to get out the hell outta the way as well.

I am not really sure what happened from there, but let's just say, nature took its course (and my man Biscuit actually must have some kinda game huh?) and the next thing I know, I'm getting a phone call from the both of them thanking me for bringing them together.

Now lemme tell you something...some of you might think that they would have probably met eventually, but that's a crock of bull and I won't even entertain that thought because it's likely to put me out of business (lol, "business", funny) if I did.

Soooooo, where are they today? I was inspired to write this blog because of the event that took place last night. I'll leave this video for you as an answer to the question. Enjoy.

P.S. - And while I am still skeptical about MANKIND, LOVE does (well maybe) exist for those who let it.

Ciao, Ciao, Ciao
The Katalist

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